Meet Grace Graffiti

Hi there! I’m Whitney! I believe our home is our most special place. It's where we gather with friends & family. It's where we refresh & recharge. It's where we tell our stories.

Each of our products are designed to help you do just that—to gracefully graffiti your home with color, function, and creativity.

What started as a side hustle in our kitchen 12 years ago has become a national retail and wholesale business. But we never forget why we’re here—to help you tell your story! We are here to work hand in hand with you to pick just the right color, just the right font, and just the right piece that fits you best.

I can’t wait to see what we dream up together!

American Handmade

Grace Graffiti is committed to making quality wooden products from scratch.

We design it.

We are inspired by everyday life. A walk at the beach becomes wall art. Cooking a new recipe becomes a tablet stand. A party becomes a charcuterie board.


But we are also inspired by you! Some of our favorite products come from customer requests. We love when we can create the perfect item for you to give, for you to use, and for you to love.


Our design goals are simple—make it fun, make it functional, and make it last a lifetime.

We make it.

We get dirty, dusty and a little bit achy too, but the labor of love we devote to each product is so important to us. We want you to be proud to give our items as gifts, hang in your first apartment, welcome you new baby home or throw your first dinner party.


Each piece is made when you place your order—no factories, no assembly lines, no overstocked inventory. You Grace Graffiti is literally custom made just for you in our little shop in the heart of Historic Downtown Brunswick, GA.

We ship it.

Our final step is to make sure your order arrives safely and on time! Each product is carefully wrapped and secured, ready to withstand its upcoming journey. All our packing materials are either recycled or made from recycled products. Even our packing peanuts are made from cornstarch! We’ll move heaven and earth to get your order to you, but we won’t destroy it in the process.

We love our community.

Grace Graffiti is constantly searching for ways to strengthen our community, our customer's businesses, and our future. We purposefully located our studio in the heart of our historic and beloved downtown, helping to revitalize a business community that reaches back to the 1700s. Through our high school intern program, Grace Graffiti is teaching and empowering students to dream big about owning their own business one day. We think this is a pretty special place that the whole world needs to experience. Until then, we are sending a little bit of Brunswick to you.


We love our family.

This is it! These faces are the biggest reason we do what we do. Eli, Sam, & Emily are as much a part of Grace Graffiti as we are. They design, they create, they package orders, and they take personal pride in our little company. Thank you for shopping with us, and thank you for helping us teach the next generation the value of a good day’s work.


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