Engraved Bird Board, Charcuterie

gracegraffiti Charcuterie Boards are ideal for your impromptu gatherings or for your well planned dinner parties. When your board is not in use, it serves as a unique accent in your kitchen or dining room. Handcrafted and finished with FDA approved food safe mineral oil, we encourage you to put your board to use! We believe the more knife marks and berry stains make your board charming and unique, a true sign of a life well lived.

::Origin Story:: We designed this board the week of Thanksgiving back in 2017. In anticipation of gathering with friends and family for the holiday, we created this particular shaped board to hold the prized turkey and nestle perfectly on the dining room table among all our favorite dishes. Hence the name, the Bird Board.


11" x 16" x .75"

17" x 27 " x .75"

Wipe clean with mild soap & rinse. Reapply oil annually.

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